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Renée Ngamau

Life and Business Strategist

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Renée is a qualified lawyer and holds a Master’s degree in Financial and Banking Law from the University of London. She has worked in some of the top law firms in Kenya and in England. Hers was a rising star and she could see herself making partner and law professor in 5-7 years. Like many people, she had a very solid plan for her career but not for her life. Then life happened and the words of a doctor stopped her in her tracks. Suddenly, she was faced with the prospect of not having 5-7 more years in her life.

At the time, she did not recognise the gift that lay in that news. In a bid to find a cure or some relief from the diagnosis, Renée began to research into the brain. She became obsessed with the connection between thoughts, habits and health. Travelling to the USA, she learned from people who had overcome extraordinary odds to make something of themselves. She studied with renown American motivational speakers Les Brown and John Garcia. She consulted with well-respected medical practitioners and soon discovered this. That there is a formula to health, to well-being, to happiness, to financial success, to fulfilling relationships. Using that discovery, she went on to reverse her diagnosis and to regain her health. There is always a gift in every challenge. The challenge is in fact to identify that gift – the nugget of wisdom that is carefully disguised as a problem.

Chidiogo Akunyili

Global Leadership Fellow & World Economic Fellow

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Chidiogo Akunyili leads the Global Shapers Community across over 120 cities in Africa and Middle East. Akunyili was named 100 most influential Young Africans by Africa Youth Awards. She is also a World Economic Forum’s Global Leadership Fellow, an Executive masters in global leadership with focus on personal, team and organizational leadership skills with teachings that span across INSEAD, Columbia University, Wharton School, London Business School, China Europe International Business School, and Cornell Tech.

Akunyili has over 9 years of professional experience across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe in community building and Business development, International Development, Sino-African relations and Strategy consulting with focus on Africa. Akunyili has worked as a management Consultant with Roland Berger Strategy Consultant in Lagos and UAE; Dalberg Development Consultants; and Frontier Strategy Group in D.C; Research Assistant at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia; Founder & Program Director of the Cultural Diplomacy in Africa Program in Berlin; and China-Africa Consultant in Beijing. B.A. International Relations & Political Science, UPenn & Sciences Po Paris; M.A. International Relations & Economics, SAIS Johns Hopkins; Executive Leadership Program - Master in Global Leadership, World Economic Forum Akunyili speaks 7 languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Igbo, Italian and Spanish