The WAA Forum has been designed to offer participants a multi-dimensional and experiential approach, where each session provides participants with an opportunity to connect, network and harness solutions and innovations to catalyze the actions needed to achieve transformation.

Achieving Results Through Concrete Action

From the outset, the WAA Forum will be more than a ‘talk-shop’ by being solutions and results driven. This will be achieved by using it as a vehicle to encourage, support and promote individual and collective action from a range of key stakeholders that will significantly raise the level of economic participation of women in African economies and create other multiplier effects that will lead to positive and measurable changes in women’s lives. For this reason, a key feature of the Forum will be a Call for Action by participants especially governments and companies to make specific, measurable pledges or commitments that can be monitored by the Trust and its partners to demonstrate the impact of the decisions taken at the Forum. Furthermore, learnings from the Forum will be integrated into the Trust’s women economic advancement programme to enhance its impact. Progress will be shared at the bi-annual WAA Forum which will ensure that commitments made by stakeholders are reported and new / better targets are planned for the years ahead.

Building on the Success of Previous Summits

Although the 2017 Forum will be the inaugural Women Advancing Africa event, it has been designed and built on the insights and successes gained from the three previous Summits (African Women’s Economic Summit in 2010, 2012 and 2014) organised by the Trust’s Women in Finance Network, New Faces New Voices. The Forum will also amplify the Trust’s work with women’s networks in different sectors across Africa, and outcomes of the event will support this programme to fast track women’s economent. The WAA Forum will have a much broader focus and will be a distinctly different and much bigger event intent on driving social and economic transformation in three core areas.