Why Tanzania?

After careful consideration, Tanzania was selected as the host country for the inaugural WAA Forum. Not only does the Founder have a longstanding relationship and history with the government and people of Tanzania, but it is also a key focus country for the Trust’s women’s rights, children’s rights and nutrition work.

It is important for the Trust to ensure that the countries where we have significant footprints benefit from potential investments that a platform such as WAA can bring. Through our women’s networks in finance, media, agribusiness and entrepreneurship, who all have a presence in Tanzania, the Trust is well placed to leverage their influence and reach within the country and broader region to ensure a successful, impactful and well attended event.

WAA Focus Areas

The Forum will feature three core tracks to explore the ways in which women are defining Africa’s social and economic future:

Target Audience

This bi-annual Forum will bring together pre-eminent women in business, along with selected leaders in government, the private sector, philanthropists, academia, civil society, thought leaders and influencers from the continent, as well as some global shapers and leaders. Youth will be a big component with a separate “youth track” incorporated into the main program. Thus, the Forum will exemplify the Trust’s credo of “Multiplying the Faces and Amplifying the Voices of Women” to enable intergenerational exchanges and dialogues, and profile successful women of all ages whose remarkable achievements are both visible and invisible.

The Forum will also be privileged to host the highly esteemed Global Advisory Council of the Graça Machel Trust. These are international leaders that have played a transformational role in the areas of human rights, social change, business and governance.